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Field Day 2014

Each year, the athletic department at Bingham Academy hosts a two-day community event.  Field Day is a school-wide track and field meet in which all students compete in track races and field events (long jump, high jump, discus, javelin throw, etc.).  Even the KG students do bean bag races, obstacle courses, sprints, and the ball throw.  There are even races for the parents and younger siblings to participate in.  Parents, alumni and the 40+ home school families are invited to attend and participate.

This was our second Field Day and both years I have been impressed by the balance of competitiveness and camaraderie the students exhibit.  They run, jump and throw hard, pushing themselves against one another and then give each other hugs and high fives afterwards.

This year Grace competed in the three-legged race, sack race and the ball throw.  Placing 2nd in the ball throw placed her high enough to represent Bingham at the Addis-wide elementary track meet between 5 of the main international schools in Addis.

Hannah competed in Field Day also.  Her “events” were the bean bag carry, sack race, and obstacle course.  I think she could have also won the pouting contest for her reaction when she realized she wouldn’t get first place in her race.  A new aspect of her personality manifested itself!





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