Thy Kingdom Come…

One family's journey crossing cultures in pursuit of the kingdom of God


I wish I had a profound post to share about identity.   So much of our time in Ethiopia has been asking questions about who we are, what we are about, how do we do was we feel God has called us to do?  As we are transitioning away from Ethiopia and back to the US, we will still be asking ourselves those questions – who are we know, how have we changed, what is next for us?

Unfortunately, this post is not prompted by those profound questions of life.   I am writing this to let you know that I am not trying to rent apartments in New York City or have I ever.   Someone, it seems, has taken on my identity to try to scam people out of deposit money while promising them apartments in NYC.   ITS NOT ME!!  Please don’t give any money to anybody who claims to be me online.    As evident from this blog, my online activity is minimal at best and I don’t have any apartments to rent.

Thanks to those people who figured it out and let me know.   I haven’t been scammed out of any money and I hope you haven’t either.



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One thought on “Identity

  1. Sandy Rutkowski on said:

    We’ve haven’t yet Jon–but thanks for the heads up!

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